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Amazing Morocco experience Tangier


2 weeks ago, I had the change to go to a country I have never been to before, Morocco! Trying to use weekend wisely, I went to Tangier, a port city in Morocco.   I want to share you guys a peek into my Morocco experience.     A lot of people who have not been to Morocco might think about ...

Cheap Monday Women’s Pre Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Picks


      Into denim, simple cut silhouettes and edgy styles? Do you have a hard time keeping up ย  with khaki, orange and red shades in the fall and would rather stick to your casual blues like I do?ย Then check out this year'sย Cheap Mondayย Pre Fall/Winter Women's collection! I've always thought denim was too casual and basic, but this ...

Fashion Inspiration For The Week : Korean Actress Hyojin Kong


Hyojin Kong is one of the most famous rom-com actresses in South Korea and by far our favourite fashion figures.