Amazing Morocco experience Tangier


2 weeks ago, I had the change to go to a country I have never been to before, Morocco!

Trying to use weekend wisely, I went to Tangier, a port city in Morocco.


I want to share you guys a peek into my Morocco experience.



A lot of people who have not been to Morocco might think about those camels in deserts that you saw in Instagram.

This would’ve been nice, but the desert journey is in Marrakesh, so not where I went. Although I did see some camel rides on the beach.


Tangier is a port city, so not a desert area at all. It is so close to the European land that you can even see Spain at a certain location.

As soon as you walk out of the Tangier airport, palm trees welcome you.


Me probably trying to fix my hair..


The city is beautiful, with a lot of history.


The roads are full of stories and the authentic β€˜vibe’.




As a tourist who stands out in Tangier, it is common for taxi drivers to call a higher price than they would for the locals. So, it really depends on your bartering skills!


The most amazing location was Kasbah. In Kasbah, I felt a totally different atmosphere from Europe. It is impossible to describe with words, so here are a few pictures to get the Tangier vibe.





Walking through the busy, crowded Medina is an experience I will never forget!


For a short trip, I definitely recommend Tangier to get out from your comfort zone and experience something totally different.