Fashion Inspiration For The Week : Korean Actress Hyojin Kong


Hyojin Kong is one of the most famous rom-com actresses in South Korea and by far our favourite fashion figures.

After her first debut in 1999, she has starred in several movies and beloved rom-coms in South Korea. Kong has also pursued a modelling career, she’s the face of this year’s eyewear brand Stephane Christian’s Collab and jewellery brand The Erghe’s Collab. Oh, how we love her in every way! Her fashion taste ranges from vivid coloured pieces to muted-out minimal designs.

In last year’s rom-com series Jealousy Incarnate (2016), Kong starred as a weather caster Nari Pyo, who strives to become the main anchor of a broadcasting firm. On this show, she made us fans literally drool by showcasing  feminine, professional and funky at the same time. Check out our post : GO

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